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Repair and Recover MS Access Database

Microsoft Access is a database management tool. It is a great advantage for small, mid-sized enterprises and even for individual business for maintaining and running their valuable database. MS Access helps you to build forms, tables, queries, reports and VBA modules. By just few commands Access help you to obtain the any piece of information. Any sort of corruption in database can make your database inaccessible.

You might face some situation where you encounter with some sorts of error which is a pure indication of corruption in MS Access database file (.mdb). It is really needed to fix those errors to make your databse run smoothly or to save the data. Due to corruptions, there may be chances of inaccessibility of Access database and losing data from that.

Here are some error messages you encounter while using you Access database (.mdb )

MS Access Repair tool help you to repair and recover the corrupt, damaged or inaccessible database. By the help of this repair tool you can easily recover your database from any sort of corruption. It can easily restore the corrupt tables, indexes, queries and relations. You can also recover the password protected forms or modules. This software also supports Linked tables and calculated data type. It can also recover the deleted or new databases.


Key features of Access Repair software:

   Complete Repair Solution

This software is a complete solution to fix the corruption issue in your Access Database. It can impeccably repairs corrupt ACCDB files and the corrupt MDB files of damaged MS Access database. It can resolve the issues from any of the given scenario due to hardware failures, software conflicts, and conflicts in database design.

   Ribbon Procedure for Easy Access

The software interface is easy and well organized. The important features of this software are arranged in ribbon way at the top of the software so that you don’t need to search somewhere else. The option appearing in the ribbon contains 'Save',, 'Select Database','Find Tree Item', 'Exit','Stop',etc.

   Select or Find Corrupt Access Database File

This software includesadvanced options to choose or find the damaged Access database files from your operating system. You can select logical drive in 'Look in' bar where the default file type is selected to be *.mbd or *.accdb. Check mark before 'Find in Subfolder' box to allow software to find all the folders as well as subfolders in aspecific drive. Sequentially, you can move for the options -'Find File' or 'Select Folder'.

   Recover Relationships in Access Database

Relationships in database play a vital role by moving away with dismissed data and linking in the database. This repair tool repairs all the details that is created as relationships in corrupt or damaged database and bringthem back in recovered table.

   Recovers data Filled with different Languages

This software can recover the details provided in the fields of database tables in different language apart from English. Nevertheless of the fact that you’re using MS Access Database in English still you can enter the data in other regional language and this software can get the detail and recover them.

   Recover Data from the Linked Tables

If your Access database is linked to a table in some other databases and it is corrupted or damaged then you can use this software to recover data from the linked tables. This improves the usability of this software away from limitation of one database file.

   Preview after Scanning

This software allow you to confirmthe scanned objects for reliability checking by the preview option of database components in the main screen. For each tables this tool show two columns in the right side for previewing the 'Column Information' and 'Table Data' and alone.

   Search Items in Scan Tree

Through 'Find Tree Item' option on ribbon let you search the desired objects in aunending list of scanned items. By the help of this feature you can select for preview and recovering only the selected objects in your database to save your time.

   Recovers Deleted Records

It has aspecialchoice to let recovery of deleted records in database. To perform this action you need to choose the option 'Scan for deleted records' at base while choosing the database file for repair.

   Saves Repaired File at desired Location

As soon as you repair your Access file this software provides two option to save your repaired file. You can either select the default location or just give your desired location to save the file. By default all the repaired database objects are selected for saving.

   Recover all Access Database Objects

This software is enough to repair any sort of corruptions in your database objects such as Deleted Records, Tables, Macros, Forms, Linked Tables, Modules,Indexes, etc. With the help of this tool you can easily recovery the corrupt or damage database with an ease.

   Covers all Common Corruption Errors

MS Access database has many major and minor errors. But by the help of this software you can easily fix all the error like 'file.mdb is not a database file','unrecognized database format', ‘Microsoft Jet database engine fails to find the object' and so on

   Support & Compatibility

It is compatible with given Microsoft products:

MS Access: 2000 / 2002/2007/ 2003/ 2010/ 2013
Operating System: Windows 8 / 7/ Vista/ XP / 2003

   Support Different Languages

This software can recover Access databases in different languages such as English, German, and French.

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Windows Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

MS Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013